Within just three hours all of the Buffee betas were sold out the Buffee team reports. This was the 512MB version. Wrapping up the board artwork for the v0.5 (BETA) version of Buffee and manufacturing looks to be about 5+ weeks from right now. Buffee is on the track.

So, including the Stephen’s TF1200 News which will bring Buffee for Amiga 1200 owners. The beta sale went very nicely.

Buffee is not only for Amiga

So, what type of computers and consoles will Buffee work with?

Amiga 500, 1000, and 2000; Amiga 600 with PLCC adapter; Atari ST series; most Compact Mac excluding the SE/30, Mac Classic with PLCC adapter; Sega Genesis Model 1; X68000 and NEO GEO with SDIP adapter. Some systems may need the original CPU desoldered.

Check out all the info about the TF1200 for Amiga 1200 here.