Stephen behind the Terrible Fire accelerator projects for the Amiga has announced the TF1200 for Buffee the team reveals for Amitopia. This card will allow Buffee 68030 3.2GHz speed to pump up and work in any Amiga 1200. The card will add 8MB Fast RAM and IDE with DMA support and Stephen will be giving away 100 of them to any registered Buffee owner.

68030 3.2GHz Amiga 1200 accelerator

It is also nice to reveal from the Buffee team that Stephen will be making the TF1200 card open source after the launch. This is a game killer. Just think of what Buffee can do with AGA and HAM8? Who needs RTG when a 1GHz CPU performing a 68030 at 3.2GHz can drive AGA to places it’s never been.

To do real-time true-color chunky to pixel will now be easy peasy with Buffee. TF1200 is very interesting Amiga News!

Beta cards of Buffee sold out within just Three Hours!

Now, the very first batch of beta cards of Buffee 512MB RAM version has been shipped to interested people around the globe. The beta of Buffee CPU+Mem card for the 68000 CPU socket sold out in three hours. So, this project is on track.

Amitopia Amiga News Magazine will follow this project close. Don’t worry about that. Finally, there is a project giving the Amigans speedups without destroying the wallets. Buffee project aims to take the 68k to the next dimension. It will really change things around I hope and that the Buffee team takes all the time to make this product the best.

What 68000 CPU Socket computers or consoles will you upgrade with Buffee?