The entire news item here is written by using the newest Wayfarer 1.17 on MorphOS 3.15 with iBook G4 1.33GHz. The biggest news is improvements with video and streaming performance.

These are the most Important Wayfarer 1.17 improvements

  • Media playback settings are now per-host
  • Removed the media playback popup requester mode
  • Various improvements in the player pipeline, including improved HLS

All of the screenshots of Wayfarer in action here are taken with SnapIT for MorphOS and uploaded to the Amitopia Amiga news website with WordPress. This is getting better and better. What a nice feeling and it’s amazing what this OS can achieve on the PowerPC platform still.

WordPress in Wayfarer Showcase

WordPress and the entire feel of the browser changes for each version is now the most modern web browser for this AmigOS compatible operating system.

Here is Wayfarer 1.17 in use when making this article

WordPress Dashboard works nicely. Also the editor loads of nicely. Still some minor slowdowns but it is improving. Wayfarer is now such a good WebKit browser that I am using it daily even.

Changing things in WordPress can still be a bit slow at times. But the fact that it works so well is great. The more I can use my MorphOS machines for todays work the better.

You can also upload multiple images to WordPress and it works fine. For each update, I feel that Wayfarer becomes more and more mature.

Thanks to all of the development of this WebKit web browser for MorphOS. It’s meaningfull.