A new Amiga AGA game was released just a few days ago. Its name is ArtPazz and it is a tiny puzzler. Here the player has to piece together the tiles an image has been split into. It has been designed to be very simple, so learning how to play is a matter of minutes or even just seconds.

There are default images coming with the game but the player can add images and tunes by putting them into the appropriate drawers. Making this game have a great lastability.

Some of the ArtPazz features

  • Besides the 10 default images, the player can add more images by just dropping them into the appropriate directory (the pictures must be 320×256 pixels and have a depth of up to 64 colors)
  • Likewise, it is possible to add more music modules to the appropriate directory
  • Up to 8 local players can challenge one another
  • Joystick/joypad and/or keyboard and/or mouse are all supported; they can all be used at the same time; any single device can control the game entirely (in the joystick case, two buttons are required)
  • It comes as an: LHA archive, ADF image, ISO image

You control the game with the mouse. Also, the fact that you can be up to 8 players is good. It is fun. Using nice photos is recommended with the game, but remember to follow the restrictions and how many colors the picture can have. Retream is the team behind this free game.

They have also made SkillGrid, BOH, and MEMO to name a few. Their goal is to create new retro games for Amiga, Commodore 64, and PC. With passion.