Do you own a Highway or Subway USB expansion from E3B for Classic Amiga? Then you need this ANAIIS USB Stack to use various USB gadgets with your Amiga. The application is still been maintained by Gilles Pelletier, which is doing great progress for each release.

To use USB gadgets with a Highway or a Subway card. You need an Amiga 68000, some RAM (70 KB for a mouse and a keyboard) and it should operate from AmigaOS 1.1 to AmigaOS 4.0. 68k CPU is required.

Improvements in v1.22 of ANAIIS USB Stack

There are cleanups done to the code of the stack. Added clockport addresses too. Sirion 1.3 is also added that gives AUX USB support to Classic Amiga’s using USB ports with this stack.

A little graphic user interface is given to control the stack that comes with the archive. You can also control it via CLI commands: usbstart, usbreset, usbstop. You can send files to printer with the usbprint <file> command.

A redirection helper translates parallel.device unit 0 into ieee1284.device. You only need a compatible printer driver to print via the standard system. (i.e. Deskjet560C for HPSC2210, or a PCL compatible driver) External programs can be used with the ANAIIS USB stack, such HID (extra buttons), ThrustMaster (joystick with rumble), and massive (keys with (8,6,80) interface). These programs are not delivered with this package.

The author writes in the docs that the USB stack is tested with Amiga programs such as Brilliance, Deluxe Paint, Aegis Sonix, Ced, and most of the well-written Workbench tools. Games such as Settlers, Indy4 (and the fate of Atlantis) work fine… It is possible to plug and unplug devices without resetting the stack which is fine. However, use this with caution when using spinning hard drives. Make sure that the reading doesn’t happen when you unplug the device etc.

Get the ANAIIS USB stack here.

Gilles Pelletier is the one behind the ANAIIS USB stack for Classic Amiga. It is a software solution that brings the possibilities of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) to the old vintage Amiga, with 68000 at 7.09MHz, and the ZorroII card Highway or clockport Subway from E3B. Get it on Aminet here