Want to create games on the Amiga without having many skills in coding? Then RedPill Game Creator is a worthy look for you.

Now, this awesome package is just a few clicks away from entering v1.0! Version 0.9.9 is now out to grab for all Classic Amiga users. You find it on Aminet. Just download the lha package and extract where you want the application to be and let RedPill evolve your creativity.

This game editor requires a 68000 CPU with mem more than 3MB Fast RAM. But my advice is to have 16MB or more with full Chip RAM also installed. Also, the editor requires you to have a bigger hard drive. Amiga native screen is also important to have.

The editor uses stack memory, if you have problems slicing big sprites please run the command Stack 64000 before starting RedpillEditor. This can also be set into the icon information window too.

RedPill v0.9.9 Improvements and Updates to Know

  • Loading animation is now displayed during game loadings.
  • F5-F10 keys can be used as a shortcut for Play, Spritesheets, Animations, Objects, Tiles, and Levels screens.
  • The animation screen now shows frame shortcuts.
  • Sounds are now also packed sing Imploder.
  • In-Game setup screen the game name and author can be setup, they will be displayed when loading the WHDLoad.
  • When building the project all images are processed for safety and maybe even speed increase.
  • New condition trigger to check if the game is running in an AGA machine.
  • New trigger Instantiate Attached allows to Instantiate an object aleady attached to the creator.
  • New triggers Custom to Var to set up global variables Object custom variables.
  • Additional checks for tileset loading.
  • On the Animation screen, the name of the mirrored animation is now displayed.
  • Improved UI in the level editor screen
  • Improved UI in trigger screen.
  • Projects updated, some improvements in Astro and Gravity games
  • Fixed memory corruption problems in certain situations
  • Fix in tileset
  • Fix in Mutate trigger
  • Fix in the Input screen
  • Fixes in palette handling

Get the latest RedPill archive here

Zener is the awesome developer behind RedPillGameCreator. This is a tool to empower people to create many games for Amiga without programming knowledge. It allows people to create 2D games with the true Amiga feeling!