There are times when projects don’t go as planned. I love all of the Amiga books you’ve sent to Amitopia Amiga Magazine Adam. This is a huge loss for the Amiga community. I hope to see you back someday.

I feel obliged to write you a few words of explanation in connection with this situation. First of all, the most important thing: my withdrawal from the activity is dictated by personal reasons and the state of my health, which does not allow me to continue actively working on creating new content.

It was never my intention to stop working at this stage, especially without an announcement. The Amiga and other computers have been my passion since childhood and I wanted to continue this topic as long as it was of interest to you. In many cases, I did this even at the expense of other spheres of life.

However, my activities have always, and especially after 2012, been heavily dependent on collaborators. To put it simply: AIBB and A2 (regardless of the changing domain names) have never been solely my business. I organized and oversaw the work, and created content, but many of the technical decisions related to day-to-day operations were out of my hands. Currently, I am not able to continue working in this form, and those responsible for organizational matters (including hosting, online contacts, and continued operation of have decided to end our cooperation.

Therefore, at the moment the archived books and magazines are collected on a separate site Retro Guide. In the coming days, digital editions of the books will also be made available for free. After that, the site will be filled with other retro computer-related material. The goal is to collect all my publications in one place, including foreign language versions. As I have written many times, this knowledge must not be forgotten.

I am aware of my remaining obligations and will try to fulfill them without a delay or in a slightly different form than intended. If my health permits, I will return to previous projects in 2022 and continue to develop them. However, I no longer plan to be fully commercial. Most of the content will be available for free or only for the price of covering costs. I will also not engage in discussion forums and social networking sites.

I hope you will accept this form of explanation on my part. I am currently trying to return to a state that allows me to continue working. I will get back to you as soon as my situation permits and will provide more information then. I apologize to everyone who has been disappointed. At the same time, I would like to send you all my best wishes for the upcoming Christmas. It will be Christmas Eve in a month. May this time be filled with joy and may the New Year be better both for our platform and for us personally. Best of health.

No new books or magazines anymore from Adam. It’s a shame, but health should always be good. I really hope that Adam releases his books someday. He was a great sponsor of Amitopia Amiga Magazine through his store and site. which it was converted to is down and the is also down.

Adam is such a great person and so I hope his health issues will be gone soon. I love all of the books that he sent me.