The Gemini protocol is getting better and better served by AmiGemini as Karl Jeacle continues to update this remarkable Gemini protocol browser. AmiGemini 0.8 is now out for all Classic Amiga machines with AmigaOS 3.0 or higher. The application even comes with its own Installer script which makes it easy to install for all Amiga users.

Save Page Text Function in AmiGemini

One of the highlights of this new version of AmiGemini is the Save Page Text function. Most Gemini sites are full of vital information and now it is possible to download pages as text files which are pretty neat. But that’s not all! AmiGemini 0.7 also comes with Navigation History that you can navigate. Handy for when browsing many Gemini pages. Call OpenURL for non-Gemini links is also another feature added to this release. This means that you can use Aweb, iBrowse, or NetSurf together with AmiGemini which ├╝ber cool!

Gemini is heavier than gopher but lighter than the web. Now AmiGemini gives this type of surfing experience with more functions to make the experience even better. Thanks to Karl for making this protocol available for the Amiga community to explore. Read all about the changes for 0.8 here.

Requirements for AmiGemini 0.7

CPUPowerPC G4 1.5GHz *
DOWNLOADWayfarer Website
*Works on a slower CPU, but functions will be limited!