The news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine is everywhere in the media. I am putting my vote against all kinds of violence, but at the same time, I am reaching a hand to Russians that got nothing to do with the horrible actions that Putin is doing. It is Putin’s elite that should be taken down. Stop hurting the people in Ukraine and Russia that got a daily life to cover. Remember that there are lots of poor people in both Ukraine and Russia. Bombing your own people is not good. Talk around a table. Stop it now.

Stop this war in Ukraine now. I am part of the Amiga community, but I am also born in Poland. I love the Russian culture and its people but not its politics. I’ve Subscribed to many YouTubers in Russia. I won’t unsubscribe. I want peace and I want to see those people behind this war in jail. Killing is not the answer, no matter where it is.

Stay safe Ukraine. Amitopia loves you and stays behind you in this war. But hating the Russian people is something that must be avoided!

You can support Ukraine together with other Amiga Community members here. The next 7 days’ earnings from AmiKit & FlowerPot will be 100% donated to Človek v ohrození (People in Danger), a nonprofit organization that will use the money to aid the most vulnerable people in Ukraine affected by the ongoing Russian invasion, and help refugees in neighboring countries.

Much Love and Hope!