It’s not often that this happens. But I had to comment on it as my heart as a Amiga user felt really happy to see what the Amiga community is capable of doing for others that have lost everything. That we together can make Brielle’s life less painful these days because of her loss.

I say this not just as a Amiga user but as a person with emotions. It is remarkable to see how people in the Amiga community acts. So, I had to share what actions people are capable of doing to help others.

I just leave this text from Jon Aasenden at Amiga Disrupt here!

So our mutual friend Brielle Harrison is finding herself in a terrible situation. Those massive lightning storms that is causing fires and havoc has hit her region, and she has been evacuated together with her family.She posted a movie with the fires slowly eating into the bushes behind her house, so at this point there is no knowing what her situation will be like when this is over.Obviously Brielle will face something much more than losing a computer, but I hope people here can pitch-in in some way to help.We don’t know the full extent of the damages yet, but I think it’s important to let her know that we got her back and will try to do our best to help. We have all become good friends here these past 3-4 years, and I know she would do the same for us.Brielle Harrison: When you know the extent of the damages, please provide a paypal link. I will send you an A500 + Vampire V2, and I know others will send you gear as well. It won’t replace what you have lost, but it will perhaps remind you that you got people that care about you.I don’t really pray in my religion, but I will be sending a post-it to Krishna that we could use a hand down here.Sending positive thoughts. We got your back Brielle Harrison❤

Brielle Harrison is a fantastic person that been a Amiga user for a long time. All of her Amiga computers are gone and so the Amiga community got fantastic energy in keeping her getting the Amiga love continue.

This is what she commented regarding this text from Jon regarding her situation:

Our house is gone. All the Amiga stuff and everything else we own is gone.

Our house is no more. Our homes were very close to each other. 

Brielle had an awesome collection of Amiga computers and a brilliant heart for it that are all burned down. It is really tragic to see your home getting burned down like this but on the other side. It is fantastic to see how the Amiga community helps each other.

Alex Chaney wanted to help to pay. Then Stephen Jones which is the person behind the remarkable Checkmate A1500 chasing offered to send it for free to her. I do agree with Alex writing this “this is why I love this community. You rock man!” It is great to see that the Amiga community can help others that deserve love in such a tragedy.

This situation for Brielle and everyone that lost their homes because of the fire is hearthbreaking. I can’t believe my eyes. My heart as the Editor for Amitopia, Michal Bergseth sends a huge heart together with all to Brielle and her family! You didn’t deserve this loss, but the Amiga community is with you no matter what.

Much Love and Care!
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Best Regards,
Michal Bergseth
Editor of Amitopia Amiga Magazine