OpenStreetMap viewer app MUIMapparium 0.7 for AmigaOS

Many x-Amigans jumped to the PC and Mac computers back in 1994! They did it because of a lack of support from the bigger software making companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe! AmigaOS never got a solid Office package, but Amitopia Amiga Magazine can reveal that there are many quality made apps such as these ones from ALB that are at the same level or even better on the Amiga. Read on!

Most of today’s computer users use computers as tools. I have to admit that Microsoft and Apple have created some of the world’s best tools to have. But I’ve been using Amiga for ages. I know that it is the world’s 3rd biggest commercially computing platform but it cannot compete.

The reason why Amiga cannot compete is that none of the bigger companies got any love for the only Survivor computing platform, which is sad. However. A force that both the PC and Mac community lacks is to have survival spirits helping out. The remarkable users of Amiga aren’t trying to beat any of the bigger software houses, but they do their own thing and often they do it better!

Browse OpenStreetMap maps like a Pro with MUImapparium for AmigaOS

With OpenStreetMap viewer for AmigaOS. You really don’t need Google Maps. You don’t even need a web browser to browse it and You don’t need to pay for it at all. It is all open source and free.

MUImapparium by ALB is made for AmigaOS and it works for all flavors of Amiga operating systems such as MorphOS, AROS, and even AmigaOS 4.x! It is made with FreePascal by Marcus Sackrow. It is one of the best map tools made for any system I think. It works on all Amigas with 68020+, (68881+ FPU recommended), and RTG! It requires you to download MU 3.8+.

RTG Graphics card (Picasso 96 or CGFX) 15/16/24/32 bit Screen is mandatory to have. You also need an Ethernet or WiFi connection to use it. If you have everything. Just start it and use it. It is very straight forward and you will be surprised. The speed of the app is really fast. I’ve tested MUImapparium on Amiga 1200 68060 50MHz up to 100MHz and on my MorphOS 3.8+ PowerPC Macs. The speeds of this app are really impressive. It is so fast that I rather use AmigaOS for finding streets locally in Oslo. Recommended!

Open Excel and Read OpenOffice documents with Leu is what Amiga users needs!

Leu is a simple spreadsheet application for AmigaOS that is also made by ALB, which started as an excel and OpenOffice viewer. Now, this amazing application also has some basic editing functions and a fully working function parser. Leu is such an application that you think won’t exist for Amiga users as it supports so much from the PC and Mac world.

This is also another FreePascal application made by him. He really loves this programming language which allows us to create apps that are working on several AmigaOS systems at once. It is very flexible he has told me.

Leu as an AmigaOS app is remarkable as it supports the loading of Excel (xlsx), Libre/OpenOffice (ods), ASCII (csv), and TurboCalc (tcd) files. You can also export the tables to Excel, Libre/OpenOffice, ASCII, HTML or wiki tables. Making apps working in AmigaOS is not always so straight forward because GUI libraries that are quite different on PC and Mac. But the work that ALB been doing to bring his apps for Amiga users to use is why I love this community so much. It is coders like ALB that keep the checkmarks and boing balls rolling.

ALB is really doing everything right in my Amiga vision book. He always makes sure that a lot of AmigaOS systems are supported no matter red, blue, or black. As with MUImapparium, Leu is also available for many AmigaOS systems. With Leu LibreOffice files can be loaded on the fly in the AmigaOS environment. Now, next, is an OpenOffice document application? What do I need to sell to get that ALB or anyone out there???

Norton Commander for Amiga makes it Possible to use a file commander in MS-DOS style on the Amiga!

For most, GUI is what AmigaOS is known for. But there are always those that love MS-DOS, UNIX, LINUX, or BSD operating systems where you have to write everything you do. MS-DOS was such an operating system developed by Microsoft back in the days. It was humongous popular for an unknown reason.

One of my friends from Swinoujscie in Poland used MS-DOS a lot for copying and launching games. One day he installed Norton Commander on his 486 PC and that was the only thing he used for several months. This was in the odd times before Windows could be used he told me.

I tried to convince him to go for Amiga 1200 with AmigaOS 3.0 as it was miles better. He refused because it was so much easier to find cracked games for the PC so he didn’t want to. Well, I sort of started to like his Norton Commander but I never lost the interest for the Amiga. On AmigaOS 3.0 Directory Opus, Filer and DiskMaster already were miles ahead of Norton Commander. The MS-DOS look of it all made me not change. Also, the way AmigaOS multitasked was a huge reason for me to keep going on with my trusty Amiga 1200.

But now ALB stunned my mind and soul by porting this Norton Commander alike tool for AmigaOS. This is a Midnight/Norton Commander style file manager for all Amiga Systems. Just click on the video above to feel that you are taken so many years back in time. It is wicked yet it is really cool to see.

I know that there are lots of Norton Commander lovers out there that must get a tear or two in your eyes seeing this. I have yet to try MCAmiga out, but once I do I will write about my experience with it. MCAmiga runs on any with 68000+, 4 MB, and AmigaOS 3.x or higher. This is really an app that doesn’t require much.

With MCAmiga you have a File Manager from the MS-DOS times on your Amiga. It is so wicked.. Yes, it is,.. but still awesome to see available for AmigaOS. Keep on doing stuff for the Amiga ALB. The Amiga community needs people like You!

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