With almost 2400 members. The Amitopia Amiga Magazine created group Classic Amiga Software is rising fast. It is a group where all Amiga people can discuss and feel worthy no matter where you come from. The group is aiming at promoting the Amiga as a computer on Facebook.

Did you know?

You can use the latest iBrowse and AmiSSL to go onto Facebook. You must use the m.facebook.com address as Ibrowse still doesn’t understand CSS code. Then you can browse Classic Amiga Software on Facebook too with your Amiga with a 68030 CPU or higher. Recommended! And some memory too. For MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x, and AROS. You can use OWB. If the normal version doesn’t work. You can also use the m.facebook.com HTML-only version of Facebook too.

The group is all about spreading good vibe over the net. So be kind, ask about anything Amiga related or just post Amiga news that should be mentioned. What will you bring to the group?