Soon, anyone with an HDMI monitor or Television can run AmigaOS with just a few clicks! This is done thanks to the AmiBench version which comes with A600GS.

AmiBench is provided with the new A600GS when released so Amiga users can get a superb new Amiga with modern features at home!

AmigaKit has provided a games menu included in the A600GS to cater for retro games players like The A500 Mini. But most Amigans don’t consider Amiga as a toy. Amitopia can reveal that Amiga is alive. It’s a platform like any Mac machine that has changed between 68k, x86, and now their M1, and M2 chips.

Amiga nextgen is ARM, FPGA, and PowerPC. No matter in what form Amiga is, this new A600GS will be sold at a price of just 100 Euros! This is a bargain and a fantastic comeback machine to make people come back to the best computer platform on earth.

My big wish is that the A600GS should look more like an Amiga 600 etc with a real Amiga 600-designed keyboard. But maybe, A600GSXL could be done later?

A600GS brings a full desktop running in 24-bit for Everyone!

For the thousands of serious users out there. A600GS will not forget you at all.

AmiBench has been provided as a full desktop system running 24-bit with a new remarkable set of dual PNG icons that you can see above.

I must say that finally, AmigaOS gets a look that puts it miles ahead of anything out there. I fell in love with the icons that AmiBench comes with the moment I first saw them at the A600GS forum! AmiBench has AmigaKit’s latest AK-Datatypes pre-installed in addition to a new proprietary Picture Datatype and Datatypes Lib.

AmiBench also has a set of System commands and gadgets backported from the Enhancer Software.

AmiBench can be launched in a few clicks on the A600GS

It features new Amiga software: Personal Paint v7.4, Directory Opus v4.14, and OctaMED v8. A-EON Technology bought OctaMED in 2015.

The OctaMED SoundStudio was built from the original SAS/C code last worked on in 1996. Several new important functions have been added to bring it up to modern Amiga sound standards. Some good news is that we expect to enable OctaMED Midi support by using a USB to Midi with the A600GS.

Same with AHI support for the sound too. The future is looking brighter now… The ARM graphics support is done too. Don’t screw things up now.. Please don’t! Make Amigans proud… They deserve it.

Once more details about AmiBench are out. Amitopia will reveal it to you.

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