AmigaGPT is a text and image generation program that runs on the classic AmigaOS. It is utilizing the power of the OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4 architectures.

This program brings state-of-the-art Ai language to your Amiga computer that features:

  • Generates text based on input prompts
  • Generates images based on input prompts
  • UI customization
  • Full conversation history
  • Text-to-speech

It runs on any Amiga with 68020 or higher. You also need an active OpenAI API key to make it work. Also, the latest AmiSSL should be installed.

The most important bug that is fixed in this release is a bug in the chat mode on AmigaOS 3.X where the send button stays disabled after an error occurs. Version 1.4.4 gives a better experience with Ai communication all in all.

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