Readers of Amitopia want more OCS Amiga content on Amitopia! So, I’ve been listening to this request by getting an old-new Amiga 2000!

I must send a huge thanks to the amazing Amiga community in Sweden. The fact that I got the very first Amiga 2000 keyboard too was my absolute lucky thing as they were sold separately by two different people.

Introduction of Amiga 2000

My ultimate goal for this magazine is that I want Amitopia to become the world’s best Amiga Magazine for all that want to learn something every day. I had an Amiga 500 two times before, but both of them are sold. I do own an Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 but they are not big box Amiga.

Amiga 2000 is one of the Amiga computer models that feels a bit like a PC because of its big box size. But once you turn the Amiga 2000 on and it boots. You quickly realize that after 7-8 seconds that this is an Amiga home computer! No slow MS-DOS, Windows, or UNIX system. AmigaOS just boots instantly. Yes, even on a machine with a 68000 7.14MHz CPU!

And now with the introduction of our Amiga 2000 to our office in Oslo, Norway. Amitopia will be able to cover OCS Amiga content much more than before.

Taking The OCS Amiga To Its Limits

My goal with getting this big-box Amiga is to see how far it is possible to go with such a Classic Amiga basic setup.

I want to see what sort of Amiga applications that it will run from the early days of the Amiga? And deep-dive into Amiga software that came out from 1985 with requirements that our new Amiga 2000 got. I want to unlock knowledge for you all that the world of PC users ignored totally. So, be sure to see increased OCS Amiga content on Amitopia from now on!

Welcome to 2023!