AmiFox started its journey in 2022. It was the year when Amitopia AmiDev Team was formed and it was the year when we started the AmiFox project after AmiTube, which was also included in our Developing path.

All of us thought that AmiFox was just a nice tool that will barely be used. But we’re wrong! It is going much better than expected!

Well, we have all been wrong! Which is great… Because now the stats and numbers reveal the usage of AmiFox. The public backend has just exceeded 4000 operated windows. So with the people who use their own servers, they should have already had 5000 Windows operated or something.

We are all surprised thanks to the information that I got from mcdope, which is part of the Amitopia AmiDev Team. He also wrote that it is funny that an Amiga program in 2023 of all things is one of his and the AmiDev Team’s most successful projects.

AmiFox makes the world a bit better for Classic Amiga owners!