Want to win a wireless Tank Mouse?

Then, I want to know what was your most memorable moment with the original tank mouse?
What did you do? How did it make you become a better person today?
Is there something that you miss using the tank mouse?

Write your story in the comment below on the Amitopia website or in the Classic Amiga Software Facebook group.

This competition will go on until the 1st of July. The winner will be picked 10th of July 2023.

Amitopia wants to give a huge thanks to Lukas Remis who is a designer from Poland for sending and supporting Amitopia with this competition! Aside from his work as a graphics and visual effects designer, he is a huge retro-gaming and Amiga enthusiast. He owns an Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 computer. Because of that Lukas started this project. He wanted to have a brand new mouse, which will look as cool as the original Amiga mouse, but will work not only with his retro computer but also with next-gen Amiga computer systems including other systems.