Once the alpha is out of the AmiFox browser. The Amitopia AmiDev Team will together with the Amiga community change the entire web experience for Classic Amiga owners with 68000+ and some FastMem!

This is what you will need for AmiFox once done

  1. You will need an Amiga with an Ethernet connection
  2. You will need to either get JPEG or PNG datatype before installing the browser
  3. You will also need to install MUI 3.8

The idea behind the AmiFox web surfing project for Classic Amiga is that you can load the browser, select a Linux server that AmiFox supports and can communicate with, and then finally start browsing the net.

By doing it this way. AmiFox browsing experience is Leaving those “heavy” resources to the Server. This will benefit slower Amigas very very much.

Links can be clicked on in the AmiFox browser. But this project aims to be able to surf the web as no one else has done before on slower Amigas. This isn’t a web browser like iBrowse or Aweb and it will never be. AmiFox aim is to give a full web surfing experience in a way you’ve never seen before.

The developer of the AmiFox project alb42 found a way to print a PDF from QT’s Webkit library and this PDF then contains the links of the page you visit, so he wrote a PDF parser to get the links and position. It works as you can see in the video below.

More info on this project will come as the progress continues. Our goal is that this will benefit all people in the Amiga community.