A new era for Classic Amiga owners is coming. After many years of absence, the Classic Amiga platform is now the new platform it seems. Amitopia Amiga Magazine announced their plans here. Apollo Team is the fantastic team behind the creators of the 68080 FPGA accelerators and now also CS-LAB S.C. is bringing an accelerator with a real 68060 Rev6 CPU that can be clocked up to 100MHz.

Finally, after many weeks and days, we can finally bring you more information about one of the most interesting accelerators that will come for Classic Amiga very soon.

Exclusive Pictures Showing that Warp 1260 is in Production

Warp 1260 68060 Accelerator for Amiga 1200 in Production

CS-LAB S.C. sent Amitopia some really nice pictures of Warp 1260 in production. This card for Amiga 1200 contains a 68060 50MHz CPU that can be overclocked to 100MHz. But when overclocking it will require good cooling. Also, they revealed that the card will be delivered with 256MB DDR3 RAM.  So this card will certainly show speed.

Other features are still not revealed. But as its possible to see in the pictures that we can share with you is that the card will have an IDE slot. You can put a CF-IDE adapter and with it use a compact flash card.

Extra ARM CPU provides MP3 playing possibilities without any CPU Load

Exclusive Pictures Showing that Warp 1260 is in Production
photosource: CS-LAB S.C. – Warp 1260 is looking amazing!

Including having a really nice 68060 CPU at 50MHz that can be overclocked to 100MHz! This card also consists of an ARM processor that e.g. can play MP3s without loading the 68060 processor at all.

The time for releasing this is closing more and more. You will for sure be amazed when this card will be out. CS-LAB S.C. will be at the Amiga 34 event in Neuss, Germany showing their Warp accelerators there.

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The price for the accelerators from them will cost a bit more than the 68080 accelerators made by Apollo Team but not much CS-LAB S.C. they reveal. A 68060 CPU is a bit more expensive to make than programmable FPGA. Also, a 68k CPU isn’t a mass-produced CPU.

An Amiga Scandoubler device is under development

Another interesting feature that the accelerator will have is VIDEO output possibilities. This interesting VIDEO output connector can be seen on the pictures that we have shared in this article.

Exclusive Pictures Showing that Warp 1260 is in Production
photosource: CS-LAB S.C. – This is how Warp 1260 accelerator for Amiga 1200 looks

They also inform that in the standard version of the Warp 1260 for Amiga 1200 there will be no pass-thru for the Amiga signals but it will be possible for people to buy a touch device (Amiga Scandoubler) which can be connected to the WARP.  We will inform more about this later!

Warp 1260 will for sure be a beast. Also, the board comes with WIFI Ethernet possibility and a USB connector too. It will certainly fill the gap for those that don’t like FPGA but like to have extra incredible features for their Classic Amiga. This accelerator boosts an ARM for extra features which is really interesting.

A beast for Classic Amiga that will give lots of Power

Including this accelerator. CS-LAB S.C. is also going to produce accelerators for Amiga 500, Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000. Be sure that Amitopia will follow up one of the most exciting Amiga accelerator achievements.

Exclusive Pictures Showing that Warp 1260 is in Production
photosource: CS-LAB S.C. – Several Warp 1260 cards

So to conclude this exclusive. Warp 1260 is in production. The pictures say it all. Amitopia will follow up this and we will give this beast a fair test in the end.

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Much more info will soon be seen on their website also where they revealed all of the accelerators that they will be making here. The Amiga magic never stops!



Source: CS-LAB S.C.