With a Vampire 68080 accelerator. Your Amiga’s horsepower is kicking a lot!

How high can you upgrade the different Amiga models? What sort of upgrades do they support? Can they be upgraded with PowerPC CPU’s? 68080? 105MHz 68060? In this Amiga guiding series, I want to reveal what the various Amiga models can do or not do at the moment. All Amiga’s are computers and not consoles.

So do not trust anyone stating that Amiga 500 shouldn’t be upgraded. An Amiga 500 got expansion slot on the side, the 68k sits on a removable socket and the trapdoor beneath gives you access to a memory upgrading slot. Amiga 500 is in fact the little brother of Amiga 2000 which was one of the most expandable Amigas since its release for many years.

So, here are some facts that you didn’t need to know but because have the differences are fun to look at for many. All of the Amiga’s have various stronger points, but all of them bring you joy and creativity with the best operating system on the planet, which is AmigaOS. For some AmigaOS 1.x is awesome, while for others AmigaOS 3.9, AROS 68k or AmigaOS 3.1.4 is the choice. It all comes down to what type of Amiga you want to have because Vampire 68080 FPGA accelerators and Warp 68060 accelerators push the Amiga 68k forward.

How far can you upgrade your Amiga?

AMIGA 200068060 / 68080128MB **YES *YES *ZORRO IINOYES *YES *NO
* Vampire
** Vampire / Zorro II / accelerators
*** Zorro III / accelerators
* Vampire / Exp * Exp* Exp* Exp* Exp
Play 3D FPS game fast with a faster CPU!

So, now you know that most of the Amiga home computers can be upgraded a lot. I’ve listed the big-box Amigas first. Amiga 1500, Amiga 2400 and Amiga 2500 go under Amiga 2000. However, I haven’t mentioned Amiga 3000T or Amiga 4000T as these are extra exotic Amiga models with more expansion possibilities only. Amiga 3000T is a upgraded Amiga 3000 and the same for Amiga 4000 and its big brother Amiga 4000T.

The difference between the fastest CPU’s available is that the 68080 FPGA upgrades are without MMU support but with FPU support. Full 68060 accelerator cards got MMU and FPU, while there are 68060 versions of Apollo 68060 accelerators (do not confuse these with the Apollo Team / Vampire cards) with higher MHz but without MMU.

All of the PowerPC cards for Classic Amiga also does have a 68040 or 68060 CPU. Then you need WarpOS or PowerUP to run PowerPC programs in AmigaOS 3.x and up.

What are the strongest upgrades for Amiga?

AMIGA 1000Vampire V500 V2+
AMIGA 2000 Vampire V500 V2+ Blizzard 2060 Apollo 2030 TekMagic 2060
AMIGA 3000 CyberStorm PPC Apollo 3060 G-Force 040
AMIGA 4000 CyberStorm PPC Apollo 4060 T-Rex II 68060
AMIGA 500 Vampire V500 V2+ Apollo 520 ACA 500 A530
AMIGA 600Vampire V2 Apollo 630 ACA 630
AMIGA 1200 Vampire V1200 Blizzard PPC 603e Plus Apollo 1260 Apollo 1230 Turbo Mk3 ACA 1233 A1230 Turbo+ II
AMIGA CD32 SX 32 Pro

Today, the Apollo Team is the most active 3rd party accelerator card producer for Classic Amiga. Phase5 is no more. Individual Computers and Elbox are also producing some cards with 68030 on them. Later you will also have all of the details regarding the Warp Team accelerators. These are amazing accelerators that will take the 68060 to a totally new level with the support of 105MHz 68060’s even!

The Amiga community either Hardware or Software is very active. I say… Let the creativity flow and give people choices. No other computer platform got such support from 3rd party hardware makers.

With so many choices in 2020 for Amiga users. You have the choice to either buy a totally new Amiga accelerator for your old Amiga or even get one through sites such as Finn in Norway, Tradera in Sweden or on eBay which have tons of sellers but be always aware. Just ask if you are a bit worried about the price. Some of the sellers try to sell accelerators for way more than they are worth.

Warp Project is Coming for the Amiga Home Computers Soon

The latest video from Warp Project team in Poland shows some very nice progression

People could see a taste of what is coming at the Amiga 34 event in Neuss. These Amiga accelerators from the Warp project will have strong 68060 CPUs, 256MB DDR3 RAM, USB, HDMI out, ARM co-processor with support of 1080p screen mode and 16-bit Sound. So. Be prepared. For now, the project is for creating a powerful accelerator for Amiga 1200, but later also other models. Amitopia Amiga Magazine will reveal all of the details soon for you.

But 68060 or 68080 is not for everyone. For some, a 68020 or 68030 accelerator is enough. Others want 68000 with more mem to run old school AmigaOS 1.x software without issues too. There are so many choices for Amigan’s today.

In the next series, we will be looking at more differences and at what you can buy at the different Amiga retailers. A great guide to read if you are new to Amiga or just want to be updated on what’s available for Classic Amiga in 2020. Because the choices are huge even for Amiga 1000 which is 35 years old this year. Amiga is a home computer. Even the Amiga CD32 and Amiga CDTV which are seen as console and a multimedia computer is this. You can upgrade them but not too much at the moment. Amiga CD32 expansion capabilities seem to have more options.

New TF1260 68060 accelerator for Amiga 1200

There are also a person in the United Kingdom who is making the TF1260 68060 accelerator for Amiga 1200. As I understand this person has also made 68030 accelerators. He is in talks with Chucky a lot but its been 2 months since the last update from him. After some digging about this fantastic Amigan, I found out that TerribleFire 030 for Amiga 500 is sold at Amiga retailers.

Once I have more information regarding his accelerators. I will update the lists on this page or if anyone else starts to make awesome accelerators for Amiga. Yes, there is even another FPGA Amiga 500 project too. I am promised to get a demonstration of it but because of the Wuhan virus, things are delayed.