No need for having the fastest classic Amiga? Then this REV2 upgrade is perfect for your Amiga 500. It will speed up tons still and you will have an Amiga 500 or Amiga 500+ capable of doing more for a much nicer price.

Including on the HC533 card except for a 40MHz 68HC0000 CPU, you also find 8MB RAM and an IDE controller that Amiga 500 lacks. The CPU which is clocked at 40Mhz provides a noticeable boost for the system and many demanding games. Elite II now runs much better etc. You will feel the boost a lot. Also, the fact that no soldering is required, makes this upgrade easy too.

CF2IDE adapter adds easier Amiga HD creation

With the additional IDE controller. This accelerator adds the ability to use CF2IDE adapters and so with the Retro Ready package. You get one included when you order. With a CF2IDE adapter, you can buy Compact Flash memcards and create Hard Drives on your MorphOS machine. In MorphOS, it is very easy to create Amiga HD partitions or even install AmigaOS that you want to use.

The accelerator also got the ability to boot AmigaOS 1.3 due to the fact of having two ROM-s. Which makes it handy for full OCS compatibility for those of you that aren’t so happy about using WHDLoad.

This is the perfect turbo card that makes a smaller but important performance boost for your Amiga 500 or Amiga 500+. The price of £134.99 for this turbo card is a good one in the Amigaworld. Support amazing Amiga resellers such as Retro Ready. I do this on my will, because of such great service by helping Amitopia Amiga Magazine many times.