Users of MorphOS can be happy. The community is now getting a browser very soon that is capable of playing 720p HD YouTube videos on 1.5GHz G4 PowerPC or higher.

The machines that MorphOS runs or are not an Amiga clone. They are from Apple and aren’t maintained anymore, so MorphOS is doing a fantastic job in doing PowerPC Mac products lots of positive reasons for not throwing them out. Including PowerPC Macs, there is also PowerPC hardware made by Genesi and A-EON that is supported by MorphOS Team.

Wayfarer is a Webkit browser for MorphOS

With OWB out of the game. It was time to add new fuel to MorphOS so that the community wouldn’t shrink. A preview of what the new Wayfarer is capable of is now on-line. It is without sound, but it’s real capture from a MacMini G4 1.5GHz running the latest version of MorphOS.

If you don’t want to go for a Vampire. Then a nextgen Amiga PowerPC Mac is a huge step into the world of Amiga. MorphOS is the perfect operating system that provides AmigaOS 68k and PowerPC support at once for the user.

MorphOS is the operating system that I am using at the Amitopia Amiga News site office too.