On the brilliant MorphOS-Storage site, I found a port of PrBoom for MorphOS. I downloaded it and the game is fantastic. I have always been a Doom fan since the launch of the game. I love 3D FPS games in all forms.

What is PrBoom Doom release?

PrBoom is a cross-platform version that is also available for MorphOS right now. This is an extension of the classic 3D first-person shooter Doom from id Software.

Originally written for Microsoft Windows, PrBoom has since been ported to Linux and many other platforms before this release was uploaded. It offers a number of enhancements over the original game, including OpenGL rendering and high video resolutions, while attempting to remain true to the original Doom in terms of play. You will need the original Doom data unless you install the FreeDoom package.

The PrBoom version for MorphOS requires SDL2, SDL2_image, SDL2_net, and SDL2_mixer libraries that you find in the SDL2 package for MorphOS. Support SDL RENDERER SOFTWARE and in future (maybe) ACCELERATED.
OpenGL is supported but has some glitches is what the docs say. Thanks to BeWorld for this port!

Playing PrBoom on MorphOS

Downloading PrBoom for MorphOS is easy. Just goto MorphOS Storage. You also need the SDL2 libraries. Just unpack the game where you want. I have tested the PrBoom Doom shareware version and it flies on my PowerBook G4 1.64 GHz with MorphOS 3.15 installed.

You play Doom as if it is Quake. Using the WASD keys and mouse. It’s pretty cool and very responsive. I love the Doom vibe more than Quake because I enjoy listening to the music more. Quake got its charm too though. The Software renderer does its job pretty well. Doom is fun! I haven’t tested the multiplayer function of the game, but that’s something I should try.