This game was going to be released for Amiga CD32. But it never did! However, MorphOS runs on PowerPC hardware that can emulate MS-DOS pretty well with DosBOX. But in many chases the sound might skip. So, I digged a bit to get the right settings working.

I wanted to get Novastorm to work and also tested Test Drive 3 with DosBOX on my MorphOS testing machine. I can reveal that these two games are running quite well on G4 1.33GHz and up but with default settings the sound skips.

Novastorm running in a window on my MorphOS machine

Get rid of the annoying sound skipping issue in DosBOX

Here is my way on howto get ridd of the sound skipping in DosBOX. This guide is not about on how to set up DosBOX itself, but for improving the gaming experience itself.

Here is how to fix the sound skipping delay:

Find the dosbox.conf in the DosBOX drawer

Load dosbox.conf into the Editor you use and find this
cycles=8000 (I changed this from auto to 8000) – this option is about amount of instructions DOSBox tries to emulate each millisecond.

Once edited. Remember to save and then you can open DosBOX again. This should fix the skipping. I have tested this quite well now. Tried to change different settings, putting core at best, and changed settings here and there. In the end, I found this cycle settings to be the one that I needed to change.

The tests have been done on:
iBook G4 1.33GHz with MorphOS 3.15
PowerBook G4 1.64GHz with MorphOS 3.15
PowerBook G5 2GHz with MorphOS 3.15