I don’t know what those guys are thinking regarding the woman on the TV! It’s RIVA player playing something. Nothing else

With the introduction of Vampire 68080 accelerators for Amiga computers. It meant a lot more power. But it isn’t a GHz power but its enough to be able to play MPEG videos without issues. Especially on the latest Vampire V4 Standalone.

RiVA 0.54 fixes include DHAM and Audio Changes

Excellent Amiga News for users with Vampire 68080!

Changes since 0.54
– fixed DHAM6 and DHAM8 modes in 68k build
– optimized DHAM8 as a little apology for breaking it in the first place
(significantly higher speed)
– added 14 Bit audio output option (HQAUDIO)
– added 16 Bit PAMELA audio output on Vampire V4 (HQAUDIO)
– fixed and improved A/V sync
– moved video timing relevant flag handling to safer places

This is the latest update of the fastest MPEG player available on the classic 68k Amiga platform. It is based on the work from earlier but is now extended by a lot of additional improvements in terms of runtime performance and audio/visual quality.

RiVA MPEG player also served as the prominent test case in the development cycle of the Apollo Core AMMX instruction set extension.

RiVA Player works both with AHI driver on and off

You can configure your RiVA Player pretty much. For less CPU usage, just use the standard version. But if you got enough power. You can try to use AHI settings.

RiVA should work well with default settings and the aforementioned encoding
parameters on Apollo Core Gold2 and later. For optimal runtime performance,
use full screen on SAGA RTG (make sure, you have active screenmodes with 16 Bit
depth), along with Paula audio output. AHI sound output will slow down the
playback significantly. Windowed mode on Workbench will also be much slower
than the fullscreen mode. Some additional performance improvement is possible
by lower audio quality (e.g. commandline arguments AUDIOFREQDIV=2 AUDIOQUALITY=0).

You can use this software on any AmigaOS RTG configuration. We have tested it to work with MorphOS too. So its a very useable MPEG1 player. A brilliant player for EFIKA MorphOS users too. And the best is that it is totally free.

Check out RiVA and Download it from Aminet here


Source: Aminet