If you are one of the lucky ones owning the nextgen Amigaone X5000 computer from A-EON. Then this MorphOS release is something for you. But thats not all. MorphOS 3.17 is an overal release that is a must -to-have upgrade for all MorphOS users.

MorphOS 3.17 fixes Radeon support on AmigaOne X5000. LED handling is also implemented now. There are fixes in Ambient and some of the applications coming with the MorphOS ISO package such as Jukebox, VPDF and the game Wordy.

The release also adds safer startup code for the REXX support in MorphOS. GUI improvements is also in this release. MUIList and MUIAsl. When taking shots with the Grabber in the Screenbar menu. The grabber window is now not included when grabbing the desktop of your choice.Theres also command line improvement for FTmanager, so you can now install fonts automatically. The same goes for the TTEmanager.

Theres also improvements to R200 and R300. GL improvements. Radeon fixes that is a must to have. And theres tons of other improvements too. Anyone using MorphOS should get this update. It is free for those already owning MorphOS.

So, what are you waiting for if you have a MorphOS compatible computer? MorphOS 3.17 is here.