Leu is the New Spreadsheet app for AmigaExcept for AmigaOne X5000 CPU support. Leu is now a totally new spreadsheet app for Amiga that works on many types of AmigaOS systems which also includes MorphOS and AROS. This is a totally new app from the maker of MUIMapparium which you can read about here. Leu was supposed to be just an excel and open office viewer of spreadsheet documents. But the author decided to take the app further.

Leu is free and Works on both Classic and Nextgen AmigaOS

Originally the author as mentioned above wanted this app to be just a simple spreadsheet viewer. But he moved on! He planed to make a simple solution for AmigaOS users but now it is getting more and more advanced. In the latest version, he even added copy and paste the function into Leu.

Leu opens fast and when you use its functions as the background color for the cells and text it just works. Marking a cell, changing the text to bold or having an underline work nicely. Text alignment also works but there is still no option for choosing your own preferred font. But maybe this will be added later? I have the same feeling as with MUImapparium. ALB42 is genius at making apps just work from the start. I have yet to make it freeze and I tried hard on our Amiga 500 test machine with 68080! Maybe this is the strength of coding in FreePascal? … .. .

He also mentions on his website that the Amiga clipboard is perfect to use as multiformat clipboard, as any operating system like Windows has. He describes that the clipboard on Amiga systems is in principle just an IFF file and there you can put in everything you want. You can put in a Text (e.g. IFF-FTXT) or an Image (e.g. IFF-IILBM) or a sound (e.g. IFF_8SVX). And because IFF is tag-based it is also possible to put more than one format at the time into. So Leu is moving on!

Leu is the New Spreadsheet app for AmigaA spreadsheet that lets you read and save .xlsx files

Including being a quite stable app as far as I’ve tested it. Leu also boasts lots of features already. The app is able to load and save .xlsx files that you have moved over from your Excel compatible operating system. Leu also supports .ods (OpenOffice), .tcd from TurboCalc and also HTML or even ASCII. The app is written with MUIClass GUI Toolkit so it is available for all!

This is the requirements for running Leu

  • Amiga OS 3.x – 68020+, OS3.0+, MUI 3.9
  • Amiga OS 4.x – OS4.0+, Attention: X5000s CPU is not compatible with any FreePascal program at the moment
  • AROS – i386 (ABIv0), ARM (ABIv0), x86_64 (ABIv1, nonSMP)
  • MorphOS – 3.x+

I don’t want to give this app any score yet. But as far it is has come. Leu is really going in the right direction. A fast and reliable spreadsheet app is what AmigaOS needed and now it is under development. I really like what ALB42 is doing here! And the fact that he supports all of the AmigaOS flavors is a genius move too. The Amigaworld should have way more people like him showing what the Amiga can do.

For more information about Leu’s progress please visit his website here.


Get Leu 0.7 here! All of the AmigaOS flavor versions are in the same LHA archive