After publishing our article about Amino taking legal actions against Hyperion in our AmigaOS 3.1.4 article. The CEO of Hyperion Timothy De Groote reached out to Amitopia. He wanted me to read the answers from Hyperion. But as I was reading the answers from them, I really felt that Hyperion is used their answers for attacking and accusing Cloanto, which I haven’t seen in this AmigaOS 3.1.4 case before. Also I started to question the fact that Hyperion used Amiga Future which is a trusted Amiga news source for this, even though it was posted on their forum page.

Hyperion seems to have taken this action because of them taking the AmigaOS 3.1.4 page down for a short time. I wanted to know more as the whole post seemed to be one sided only.

Hyperion using Amiga Future Forum page to attack Cloanto

For me, this answers from Hyperion looked like a pure attack. They choose to use Amiga Future Forum page, which is part of a very respected Amiga magazine.

I am not so much informed about this case. But at the same time I want Amitopia to be a neutral Amiga site. So, in my quest for answers. I decided to ask Mike from Cloanto about this case too,  as it clearly seems like Hyperion clearly accuses Cloanto in the forum post.

Hyperion believes that U.S. lawyers together with Cloanto is behind it

When the question about who is behind the legal actions against Hyperion is asked in the forum post by Andreas. Hyperion answers that the lawyers believes that it is Cloanto which is behind this action:

This ridiculous and misleading letter sent by the very same U.S. lawyer who “coincidentally” represents both Cloanto Corporation and Amino Development Corporation in the ongoing litigation leaves very little room for doubt.

Amitopia then decided to send the Amiga Future post link to Mike from Cloanto. Because I wanted more answers to this case. I wanted to see what Mike’s reaction to this attack from Hyperion would be as no one else did that:

Those lawyers are used by Amiga, Inc., Itec and Amino. They replaced ReedSmith. Do you think I could afford to pay several hundred thousand dollars in back taxes to revive Amiga, Inc.?

Hyperion offered a very narrow and one-sided story.

It is really strange for me to see that Amiga Future Andreas never asking Cloanto in the forum post. Was he prohibited to do so? I think its important that if Hyperion is attacking Cloanto. Then Cloanto should have the right to be asked too, or this case as it is now is very one sided. Cloanto should have the chance to defend themselves. It is important for any magazines or any publication to stay neutral. Yes! Even if it is on a forum page. I think.

Cloanto also stated this, when I told Mike that his answers will be posted on Amitopia:

Thanks. Verifying and cross-checking should be pillars of responsible publications. Amiga needs that more than ever!

Later in the very same interview. Hyperion clearly writes this:

It is exactly the same tactic which was used by Amiga Inc. and Itec LLC in 2007 when these parties tried to obtain full ownership of AmigaOS 4.x including copyrighted material to which Hyperion only had a (exclusive) license.

If money is the case here, then Cloanto says that they don’t have the funds to do such action at all. But who is right or wrong in this case. I don’t know. But this case as it seems, should never have been one sided only. That’s my comment in this case.

We need AmigaOS 3.1.4 and we need more Development

Amiga really needs this development and AmigaOS needs to move on. All of these legal cases makes no sense. Why fight when you can actually all unite and make a better Amiga future?

Amiga community wants action and I am glad that Hyperion did released it. AmigaOS for classic hardware is a must in progress. Not only for nextgen. Because most of the Amiga market is still on the classic side. So, let’s please move on!


Source: Amiga Future, Amitopia