In an era with PCs, iPhones and Android smartphones. There seems to be no room for others in the computing market at all. But, Amiga as the third official commercial computer market never gave up. Now we have AmigaOS 3.1.4 and today Pedro Cotter showing of a working Vampire V4 Standalone card working for the very first time!

Vampire V4 Standalone will drive Amiga 68k to new heights

AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS 3.x have done a lot for the Amiga community, trying to convince people to change to PowerPC. Many Amiga users did change, but most of the Amiga marked is still on the 68k side. This is also something that Hyperion Entertainment knows by releasing AmigaOS 3.1.4 for classic Amiga.

Back in time, at the superb Amiga meeting Amiga32 in Neuss, Amitopia got to see Vampire V4 standalone prototype motherboard for the first on display. It wasn’t working, but you could take pictures of it. Now, almost one year later. Pedro Cotter unveils a video of Vampire V4 Standalone that is showing that it is now finally working and also inform the Amiga community that this new Vampire V4 Standalone is a Amiga Reborn product!

Amiga is Reborn with Vampire V4 Standalone Solution

For those of you waiting for Vampire V4 Standalone. Here is a proof that the work is going on. The video above which is made by Pedro Cotter shows that Kickstart 3.1 ROM works with 68080 Apollo Team Test Exec Build.

With Vampire V4 Standalone you will finally get a totally New 68080 68k Classic Amiga experience. This new standalone product will move classic Amiga towards new heights as it allows the community and retailers to create lovely casings and packages with it.

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Vampire V4 Stanalone will give you HDMI out experience, while at the same time keeping the nostalgia alive too. Also, the old Commodore and ESCOM Amiga computers is getting older and older. If you don’t have time for sending your old Amiga computers for recapping and even add new Cherry MX keys. Then the Vampire V4 Standalone solution will soon become the golden ticket for many people that wants to give the Amiga a nice comeback.

Thanks to Pedro Cotter for this video. It made this Sunday a lot better!



Source: Pedro Cotter on YouTube (Apollo Team)