MorphOS YouTube Gmail Fix


The world wide web isn’t that compatible with AmigaOS, but there are attempts that give the “modern world feeling” a better meaning for the users. Still, there are issues regarding full web browsing functionality, but it’s getting better slowly. OWB 1.25 for AROS and AmigaOS 4 is one of them. On MorphOS, the last version is OWB 1.24, etc and it fails totally now regarding Gmail and YouTube.

MorphOS YouTube Gmail Fix
MorphOS YouTube Gmail Fix is done by moving the cookies.db file from AROS OWB/Conf to MorphOS OWB/Conf directory

OWB 1.25 on AROS or AmigaOS 4 saves MorphOS web browsing

If you read our article about getting AROS on your PC or have an AmigaOS 4 machine near you. What you do is open OWB 1.25 which should be included with both of them. Go to your Google account and login into it. This works right of the box in OWB 1.25, but not in OWB 1.24 for MorphOS.

Once you have found the OWB folder in AROS etc, which is in the utility folder of the AROS (Workbench) partition. Then you just copy cookies.db, which you find in Conf drawer of OWB from AROS to MorphOS. You can do it by having Google Drive Handler working on both AROS and MorphOS etc. Or you can transfer it to a cloud webpage or an FTP server that both of the machines shares. Remember to copy cookies.db to the exact same drawer in OWB 1.24 (older versions like OWB 1.23 also will work with this trick!), which is named Conf! After this, restart OWB and the world of Gmail and YouTube returns back for MorphOS users.

How to do it guide

  • Goto OWB 1.25 folder in either AROS or AmigaOS 4
  • Find Conf drawer
  • Find cookies.db file
  • Copy cookies.db file from AROS or AmigaOS 4 version of OWB to the MorphOS version
  • Restart OWB in MorphOS
  • Now Gmail and YouTube should work on MorphOS also! This action also speeds up Facebook usage on MorphOS!

Seems like there are some issues with this file on OWB 1.24, that make it impossible to login to Gmail. It is possible to watch YouTube clips, but once you try login into your account on YouTube then Google complains about the cookies issue. And now it seems like this was fixed in OWB 1.25. Enjoy surfing these important websites on MorphOS also now with this guide.

Final Result on OWB for MorphOS

YouTube working again on MorphOS
YouTube working again on MorphOS as seen in the video above. I have managed to login into my Google account also! This is from My Virgin Kitchen tasting Belgian stuff! Working great.