Remember Eurodance? It is a music genre that pushed electronic music in the ’90s that is still popular, but as with the Amiga, it’s not as huge anymore. If you thought that Eurodance is no more, it is not true just much smaller. If you love the genre, then please take a look at, which brings you the best Eurodance tracks from now and then.

So, what happened to Eurodance and Amiga users during the 90s? With Amiga being one of the most creative computer platforms ever with a community doing all sorts of things on it. The merge of Eurodance and Amiga for certain users wouldn’t be difficult to do. Especially in Poland and Germany where Eurodance still is big as with the Amiga there. So, in this series, I want to introduce you to Eurodance productions made for the Amiga computer.

Tintology by Vogue made in 1996 for Amiga

Amitopia Amiga Magazine got many requests regarding more Amiga Demoscene-related articles. So, here is our first article in many months. This demo came in 4th place at the Gravity party in 1996. I choose to cover this because this Eurodance tune is a good one and parts of it have been used in this Amiga Demoscene production.

Tintology Vogue by Venture is a Great Amiga AGA Demo Production

Either you like Eurodance or not. I think it’s pretty cool having Eurodance in Amiga Demoscene productions. Another well-known Amiga Demoscene group that has used Eurodance-inspired type of made music is The Black Lotus (TBL) production Tint that won at The Gathering 1996.

It seems to me that Venture made this demo as a kick to TBL Tint demo? The name Tintology is also answering some clues here. Anyway! Fantastic thing.

You can get even more information about this Amiga Demoscene production by Venture and others on here. I will post more Eurodance and Amiga-related articles so the knowledge about this is widespread. The fact that Amiga gave users so much creativity is what makes Amiga still the number one computer to use and support. Always!

What sort of Eurodance Amiga Demoscene productions do you know?