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Tintology by Vogue made in 1996 for Amiga

Amitopia Amiga Magazine, got many requests regarding more Amiga Demoscene related articles. So, here is our first article in many months. This demo came on 4th place at Gravity party in 1996. I choose to cover this, because this Eurodance tune is a good one and parts of it been used in this Amiga Demoscene production.

Tintology Vogue by Venture is a Great Amiga AGA Demo Production

Either you like Eurodance or not. I think its pretty cool having Eurodance in Amiga Demoscene productions. Other well known Amiga Demoscene group that have used Eurodance type of music is The Black Lotus (TBL) production Tint that won at The Gathering 1996.

It seems to me that Venture made this demo as a kick to TBL Tint demo? The name Tintology is also answering some clues here. Anyway! Fantastic thing.

You can get even more information about this Amiga Demoscene production by Venture and others on pouet.net here.