If you’ve got a display or flickerfixer that can handle the screenmode frequencies required to show widescreen modes such as the Indivision and ScanPlus AGA. Then this monitor package might be interesting for you.

It requires AmigaOS 3.x or higher running on an ECS or AGA Amiga with a display or flickerfixer that supports this. I myself had this driver for my Indivision AGA mk2 and it worked without issues. I would also recommend having a bit of fast mem. 64MB or more is okay.

How to install this monitor driver for ECS or AGA Amiga

  • 1) Copy the screenmode(s) to sys:devs/monitors/
  • 2) Reboot the computer

In this package you get these monitor drivers for AmigaOS

  • Superplus 800×600 mode
    (for the SuperPlus – The intention to create SuperPlus is an 800×600 screen mode with more than only 4 of 64 colors for the ECS-Chipset Side effect is higher speed on AGA compared to Super72 – cant be used with Indivision!)
  • HighGFX up to 1024×768
  • Xtreme up to 1280×1024
  • HD720 that is locked at 1280×720
    (perfect screen mode for 16:9 widescreen displays)

Download this Monitor package here

Grabb this monitor package for Amigas supporting it here: HighGFXnmore