Now its time for Vampire V4 Users to get a fantastic new BootLoader for this remarkable Amiga computer made by Apollo Team. The V4BootLoader V2.0 will be released on the 10th of October for all Vampire V4 users. Later also V2 users including V1200 users are promised a version, but when it is uncertain. This is a one-man project which eases the use of Vampire V4 Standalone a lot.

This boot loader name is V4BootLoader and it supports a lot as you can see above in the video several types of AmigaOS and even AtariTOS! With this loader, you can have Apollo OS, Coffin OS, AmigaOS 1.3, AmigaOS 3.1, AmigaOS 3.9, AmigaOS 3.1.4, the New AmigaOS 3.2, AmiKit XE AmigaOS version, AROS, and AtariTOS through EmuTOS-MiNT-AES.

V4BootLoader V2.0 is made by Willem Drijver and so he decided to make a nice sneak preview of his V4BootLoader-V2.0 where he states that the planned release date for this release is aimed at 10th of October 2020. It seems like 2020 is slowly ending with positive vibes.

A fantastic AmigaOS bootloader tool in the making for Vampire V4 Standalone

The Amiga community loves to improve its software and hardware that William proves here. A fantastic tool for having several AmigaOS systems installed on this Classic Amiga Software compatible tool for Vampire V4 Standalone motherboard and later for the Vampire V2 accelerators.

The V4BootLoader V2.0 is a multi-boot framework allowing you to install and boot all of the mentioned supported AmigaOS’s on one single 64GB Compact Flash card. If you like this idea, William urges the community to share this news with all of the readers of Amitopia Amiga Magazine and beyond. You can also goto his video and comment on what you think of his tool development for the Vampire Amiga systems.

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