Finally, the Amiga users with 68k CPU got their Torrent client. With this you can download content for your Amiga. Like with anything else. Whatever you download,.. it will be your responsibility in the end. Use BitTorrent for legal software only. Especially on the Amiga market, which needs every penny to survive.

DizzyTorrent is finally available on Aminet

DizzyTorrent is a functional BitTorrent client implemented for the Amiga that
operates on real classic hardware. DizzyTorrent was implemented from scratch
from the BitTorrent protocol specification alone and does not derive from any
bittorrent code from other sources.

OS 2.04 or later, a TCPIP Stack. Ixemul v 48. 68020 or higher CPU and 16MB of
ram (32 MB preferred), AmiTCP 3, EASYNET, MiamiDX, Roadshow or compatable
network connection.

Copy dz.config to Envarc:dizzytorrent
Copy dizzytorrent anywhere you want to put it, ideally on a large partition.

NOTE: Make sure your TCP STACK has at least 2 MB of MEMBUFFERS (I use 4 meg).

In AmiTCP 3 :
This is set in Amitcp:db/amitcp.config.
Add or set the line: MEMBUF_CONF MaxMem=4096

****** (Also See Configuration File:)

****** USAGE-CLI:
Type dizzytorrent and pick a torrent file from the file requestor.
You can also list the torrent file as a command line argument.

If you create an .info file for this program, you can click the icon and pick a
torrent file from the file requestor. In the future I will distribute an icon,
however I need artwork. (please donate).

***** Multiple Torrents:
You can run safely run multiple copies using different torrents simultaneously
safely if you have enough RAM. Don’t run multiple copies to download the same
torrent to the same location as this will result in undefined behavior.

***** Priority:
I have found setting task priority to -1 generally leaves AmigaOS fully
responsive, and with no significant performance penalty. (on Plipbox it might
even improve the performance).

******Configuration File:
Certain settings can be controlled by editing the file
This file is copied to ENV: automatically when the Amiga reboots. At runtime
the copy in ENV: is used.
This file is organized in sections, with variable assignments in each sections.
Please see the comments in the included config file.

Filenames: FFS is limited to 30 characters and as such torrents using longer
names may fail or corrupted data because filenames will be truncated.

Filenames up to the limit supported by your filing system should be safe.
SFS: supports 107 length filenames.

Maglinks – are not yet supported.

File Size: Torrents of any size are supported however no individual file may
exceed 2 GB.

This torrent client is made by David Zvekic. Support him for sure. BitTorrent is available for every platform out there. To see it available for AmigaOS 2.x++ is fantastic. Finally. Use it as you download any other legal software. BitTorrent is just a tool for download. Use it correctly and thanks to David for making this tool available for AmigaOS.


Get DizzyTorrent app from Aminet for your Amiga with 68k CPU here