The legal race about who owns AmigaOS is now so obscure and difficult to understand that the Apollo Team and others are looking for other solutions to make Amiga users happy. AROS is exactly that and with many rumors that this open-sourced AmigaOS could never beat the real thing is now history.

This interesting news from Apollo Team is a positive one for the Amiga community. The ApolloOS benefits the Amiga community and AROS is reaching speeds that the original AmigaOS 3.x can’t reach yet.

AROS is becoming mature

Aros has the reputation of being more advanced and having more new features than the older Amiga OS 3.
While at the same time Aros has the reputation of being slower than the highly tuned Amiga OS3. As AROS is written is C and not as highly tuned as the old Amiga OS which was written in parts in ASM.

And this reputation of Aros used to be true.
If you looked for example at the IO/IDE speed.
Popular tools like SYSINFO could measure a speed of 11-12 MB/sec on AROS while reaching 12-13 MB/sec on Amiga OS 3 – using the same hardware. So Amiga OS 3 was faster and more optimized.

Some of you will know that our goal is to change this.
Some people said our goal is to ambitious and Aros can not outrun the tuned ASM Amiga OS3.

In some areas AROS now outclasses OS 3.
After cleaning up the IDE code of AROS – AROS now reaches a nice 17MB/sec IDE speed on the same hardware.

These are the words from Gunnar at Apollo Team. The difference between 11-12MB/sec to 12-13MB/sec and now a whopping 17MB/sec IDE speed on the Vampire V4 Standalone hardware by using the new AROS drivers for IDE that will come with the release of ApolloOS R6.

AROS seems to get a uplifting kick now that it deserves. With AROS progressing on the 68k. It can become the AmigaOS that is finally doing what many have dreamed of. The Vampire V4 and V2 series are impressive upgrades for the Amiga.