Adding the Arabic language to AmigaOS can be harsh, yet it is possible with this Arabic Amiga News أخبار أميغا العربية

Gilles Dridi is the author of this remarkable DOS driver that makes it possible to use the Arabic language on AmigaOS 4.1. Now there’s an update to it. It is nice to see the Amiga community going beyond and adding Arabic support to AmigaOS 4.

In this v2.85 version, where hand-crafted functions are added to the arabicconsole.device.

The Arabic console archive includes

  • arabicconsole.device , a logical device to handle the Arabic language.
  • arabcon-handler , a DOS handler mounted in ARABCON: under AmigaDOS to manipulate Arabic text.
  • ed , a line-editor from ed (that of Unix, not Amiga) but arabized and to be launched by the envelope “eda” which redirects the inputs/outputs and errors thanks to ARABCON:.
  • STeVia , a full-page editor, an Arabized Vi clone.

Read everything about its history and how to install it on Obligement Amiga Magazine in French. The article can be translated into English.