For the very first time in many years of the Amiga history. Apollo Team made Classic Amiga more interesting because of their new FPGA 68080-core V2 series accelerators. Later, V4 standalone and V4 accelerators for most Amiga computers were also released as great upgrade solutions.

But instead of supporting the Amiga community, the Apollo Team went their own way.

They introduced features that other Amiga setups had no access to and so left out thousands of Amiga users. The Apollo Team is making games that only V4 users can play, which doesn’t benefit the platform at all. So, the fact is that other Amiga users with a TF+RTG setup, Warp, or PiStorm with RTG are left out.

It is Apollo Teams’ full right to do what they are doing. But at the same time ‘the Amiga so-called Apollo Team games’ are made so that others with similar hardware for their Amigas can’t play them. I would understand this choice if Vampire accelerators were just 3D FPGA upgrades for all Amigas. But V4 is taking Classic Amiga in another direction because of Apollo Team’s choice.

Because of this choice, games such as The Deep can only reach Amiga V4 users. I feel bad for the developers here, as Amiga community is so much more than just V4.

What if Apollo Team became an RTG Amiga game distributor?

This would be a much more positive move for the reputation of the Amiga. Wouldn’t the Apollo Team gain the whole Amiga community if they released their games for all Amigas?

People have various Amigas. I know people who have Vampire accelerators, Warp accelerators, and PiStorm. Not everyone wants to have a 68080-core Amiga, 68040 PiStorm, or 100MHz 68060 setup. The choices are endless, but the Amiga RTG platform unites them all. But with Apollo Team only releasing games for V4, they are limiting themselves, I think.

Supporting All not just V4 users

I would love to support the developer of The Deep, if I could play that game on my PiStorm A2000 and Amiga 1200 with Warp including my A500 Vampire V2 machine!

By supporting the RTG Amiga platform, the Apollo Team will also support their Vampire V2 users too. Don’t you want that?…

All of the Apollo Team games are looking great. So, supporting all would be great. Then you could add a setting of preference choices for activating or deactivating the enhanced V4 features in the game. But to leave out the Amiga community as it is now, Apollo Team isn’t helping the Amiga as a platform in my view.

What do you think?