AMMX, Power, Amiga, Extension

AMMX, Power, Amiga, ExtensionThe A.M.M.X. (Amiga Multiple Math eXtension) is a 64-bit SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) extension that is bringing real power to the Amiga. The principle of these extensions is to add instructions to several manipulations at one time. In addition to this, the Apollo Core with AMMX offers 32 new exclusive registers reserved for the use of these SIMD instructions.
In practice this can offer a considerable performance gain in applications and games using these new instructions. Example of this is the recompilation of the datatype JPEG using AMMX. Using Visage for timetest on the same image one goes from 1,76 seconds with the datatype of origin to a surprising 0,43 second with the datatype recompiled in AMMX. This means opening times 4,1 times faster than the original.

The new Generation of the classic Amiga Needs this

This is an important step in helping the new generation of the classic Amiga gain more processing power for web surfing, among other tasks.
Some other applications and games that are already optimized with AMMX are:

What other Amiga applications and games would you like to see optimized with AMMX soon?

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Apollo Team is doing fantastic job keeping the Amiga spirit alive. Their website, their interest and their service thru IRC and Forums makes them feel way more dedicated than the rest of the Amigaworld. With Vampire released for classic Amiga and with Vampire V4 soon out. Apollo Team is now setting a new standard for Amiga future like no other team or company have done before.

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