There is nothing like surfing the net and downloading torrents. But for classic Amiga owners, this is not the case. It is really hard for people to get AmigaOS to surf the Web.  With a classic Amiga you need to do lot’s of dirty tricks to make that possible. But with this new torrent for Amiga apps like DizzyTorrent that you find on Aminet. You do extend your Amigas life on the net a bit. It gives your classic Amiga the possibility to Download whatever you want as long as it is Legal!

DizzyTorrent 1.07 Torrent for Amiga app brings new additions and Fixes

What’s new in DizzyTorrent 1.07 for Amiga

  • resource balancing, performance, and stability improvements.
  • Significantly reduced OS memory fragmentation during process lifecycle.
  • fixed 5 memory leaks.
  • DizzyTorrent could try to connect to itself when behind a NAT. fixed.
  • PeerID was not properly randomized. fixed.
  • Bug preventing upload to other peers fixed.
  • Program will now exit automatically if launched with NOGUI and ARexx is
    not available. (without AREXX or GUI there is no way to control program)
  • Added BanPeer,UnbanPeer,KillPeer,KillAllPeers, MemReport Arexx commands.
  • Added more information to GetPeerStatus : ProcessCycles
  • Added more information to GetTorrentStatus : InvocationTime
  • Bug which let DizzyTorrent stay connected to an idle peer without
    any KeepAlive messages fixed.
  • Improved accuracy of bandwidth throttling mechanism.

Great to see that memory leaks is fixed and that the author have added several ARexx commands to the app. Also the fact that the program now exits automatically if Arexx isn’t found is nice to see. You cant control the program without having AREXX started.

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It is great to see that DizzyTorrent gets its updates now and then. It is important to keep Amiga app developments alive and its wonderful seeing a Torrent client getting updated for AmigaOS. Finally AmigaOS owners can also download anything by using torrent. Why should this only be available for the bigger operating systems?

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