If you wondered about how to use AmigaOS 3.9 then this book by Adam Zalepa is worth considering buying.

From the description of the book

Complete manual for AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9 users. Includes many topics such as AmigaOS update (from 3.1 to 3.5/3.9), software installation and Workbench configuration. Author focuses on possibilities of extensions and additional software which requires AmigaOS newer than 3.1 edition. Moreover the book presents solutions of common problems, AmigaDOS commands, writing scripts and using ARexx.

Also there is e-book available in lower price.

AmigaOS 3.5  came out on October 18th 1999. It was released by the German company named Haage & Partner. Later in December 2000, the very same company managed to release AmigaOS 3.9. Both had Annex exclusive made songs on them and other goodies.

Full specs of AmigaOS 3.9

  • Supplied with TCP/IP stack (unregistered time-limited free MiamiDX demo in 3.5, unrestricted AmiTCP in 3.9), web browser (AWeb), and e-mail client
  • Improved GUI and new toolkit called “ReAction”
  • AVI/MPEG movie player (OS3.9)
  • New partitioning software to support hard disks larger than 4 GB
  • HTML documentation in English and German
  • MP3 and CD audio player (OS3.9)
  • Dock program (OS3.9)
  • Improved Workbench with asynchronous features
  • Find utility (OS3.9)
  • Unarchiving system called XAD (OS3.9)
  • WarpOS PowerPC kernel to support PowerUP accelerator boards

Get the Amiga OS 3.9 User’s manual at Amiga.Net.Pl