Amigakit threatening to oppose the registration of ‘Amiga Addict’ mark in the UK
British print magazine Amiga Addict started publishing half a year ago on a mostly monthly schedule. Back in February, publisher Simulant Systems Ltd. filed a trademark application for the magazine’s name and logo with the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO). As Simulant is now announcing on Twitter, British Amiga dealer AmigaKit is trying to oppose that registration.

AmigaKit’s reaction to the announcement was also posted on Twitter: According to them, the notice the publisher received is not opposition, it’s (quote) “simply a formal standard mechanism to give us up to a month to communicate with Simulant Systems Ltd.”

I have nothing more to say than that I suggest anyone out there to not buy anything from Amigakit. To do such acts against a new Amiga magazine that I love so much as with thousands of Amiga users worldwide is a discrace signal.

It is sad to see the whole Amiga situation been drained by Amiga retailers climbing to the rests so they can earn extra. The whole registration of various Amiga names as trademarks by Amigakit is for me a destroyer. So, if you buy Amiga items. Go to anyone else but Amigakit. Such actions are not doing well in a such small Amiga community.

No retailers should harm the Amiga and that includes AmigaKit! Period.