The new Vampire-standalone Amiga compatible computer by Apollo Team is getting more love. Including having the most up to date AROS fork named ApolloOS. These two new games will make Vampire-standalone even more loved by its users and the Amiga Community.

In this article I want you to get to know one of the youngest Vampire coder doing amazing job for it to become a Amiga-alike computer that is taken serious. By doing new games and having an assembler course. This person got a bright future. Here is a fast overview of him.

Now Arne, which was only 13 years old (14 now) when he started coding Apollo-Blocks in Assembler is now busy developing new game titles for Vampire-standalone. Including doing games for the Amiga platform, you can also follow his Assembler courses on YouTube here.

Arne is the one that is responsible for creating these two amazing games that will all be free to download for Vampire-standalone owners when ready. Apollo-Blocks was shown and playtested a lot on the AMIGA OUF party in Switzerland too with competitions according to Gunnar. So, seeing these two games released will be fun and in my mind it is the righ step that can change the future for Vampire gaming users.

So, let’s digg into the world of gaming that Arne is now bringing to the world of Amiga Vampire-standalone users.

#1 – Apollo-Crown

This is a Dr. Mario, Columns type of game where you must match colors to get points. The more objects with the same color is joined the more points you will get.

Apollo-Crown is a game that shows how easy it is to code for the Vampire platform when a person like Arne at his age can do it. Inspiration to coders out there this is for sure.

You can download this game for free soon from However! I think that Uploading this game to Aminet would be huge for Arne. The 68k lives because of Apollo Team and Vampire as it was them that burned the new flame when the V2 accelerators came out. This is the team that brought the 68k Amiga back to life, and seeing such effort is great.

#2 – Apollo-Blocks

For Classic Amiga youve got many cool Tetris games such as 6Tris and Tritus to name the most known and best Amiga Tetris alike games for me personally. They are all brilliant, but they are not for RTG like Apollo-Blocks by Arne is.

I find it interesting to see Apollo-Blocks and Apollo-Crown beiing made, as this game is also made in Assembler by him. This one will also be available for free from the Apollo Computer website. Arne should also release it too on Aminet too as a free game. Just specify in the readme that a Vampire-standalone is Required to play it.

Thanks to Gunnar that reached out to me about this news item. Vampire-standalone is for sale, and it is currently the only new Amiga-like system that is for sale today. Bringing SAGA or AGA to Amiga 500 or Amiga 2000 is for sure that Apollo Team should consider. Yes, even for the Amiga 600! or how about releasing an Amiga CDTV version?

Let’s see what the future will bring. Amitopia is here to help anyone in the Amiga Community. The Positive Amiga Circle project is needed more than ever. Keeping the Amiga Makes It Possible vibe across all the various projects is important. No matter what the goal is. Seeing these two new games coming is fantastic as with the Jake and Peppy game that you can download for free from Apollo Computer software section here.