In the past, we have written many news items about Workbench Explorer. It is a nice tool that makes the use of AmigaOS 4.x much easier. Here you have an app that does what AmigaOS 4.x supposed to do.

Download Stuff from Aminet and OS4Depot

With Workbench Explorer you can view any filetype in it. You can unarchive files and you can Download files from Aminet and OS4Depot! In this version, the author added the possibility of having the path set in the filenote.

workbench explorer shot

Other interesting features added

  • Version column. On by default, disable in Preferences->Columns.
  • Version is shown in search results if applicable.
  • Preferences->Window->Toolbar image size.
    For normal (24×24) or more compact (16×16) toolbar.
  • Preferences->Operation->Use internal Information system.
    Not using this will use the default program, usually RAWBInfo, to display
    information about the selected item. Not using WEx’s internal Information will
    limit some extra useful data. Use Menu->Tools->Tool type editor
    to edit icon tooltypes.
  • The version or picture details, if applicable, is shown in the paste exists
    box for each file. The “Get version” button still shows the complete version

There is also fixes such as; Blank menu images is now done internally. He cleaned up context menu alignments. Sorted out arrow issue as it was put on wrong listbrowser column when columns were re-arranged. Content view style was not showing the correct data.

Changing drawers order was not refreshing so that’s fixed now. Also, he improved sorting routines in Workbench Explorer. Also, a Rare bug when close Preferences dealing with using own screen or not. A Bug that would crash WEx if the Preview pane is open and then open a new tab at Computer is fixed. Mark Ritter has put a lot of work into this release so make sure to check it out.

Only thing that is missing is to see Workbench Explorer released for AmigaOS 3.x, MorphOS and AROS. Maybe one day? Because this app is really nice! Helps the Workbench experience a lot. Amitopia Amiga Magazine recommends it.

Download Workbench Explorer from OS4Depot or Aminet


Source: Aminet and OS4Depot