This masterpiece of a demoscene demo was released for AGA Amigas in April 1996 at The Gathering.

The tint demo won 1st place at The Gathering when it was released. I was there looking at this masterpiece with over 3000 watching when it was shown and when it won!

Watch this TBL demo that has 3 parts!!!

First, the demo is a bit interesting, then the second part boosts up a bit and the last part is just wow!

Remarkable AGA Amiga Production by TBL

This is the very first demo to use 18-bit chunky to planar display on the AGA Amigas. It has remarkable great music made by Azazel. Lots of colors, effects, and amazing art were put into a remarkable production.

Tint is a very good demo, that must be seen just to understand people’s still love for the Amiga home computer.

Requirements to run TBL Tint

68020 Slideshow
68030 Very good
68040 Too fast, but CPU Patch can be found on Aminet
68060 Too fast, but CPU Patch can be found on Aminet

Amiga 1200
Amiga 4000
Amiga CD32

Download Links for TBL Tint