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This is the very first public MorphOS TinyGL update by bigfoot. It is a 5-step project. Just download and improve your MorphOS experience today.

Here are all of the Projects listed

  • Project 1: Implement the fixed-function OpenGL pipeline as shaders
  • Project 2: Framebuffer objects
  • Project 3: Shaders
  • Project 4: Programs
  • Project 5: R600 driver

Improving the TinyGL part of MorphOS has been one of the side projects that is resulting from the TinyGL bounty at

The main changes in his update are:
– Support for OpenGL “ARB” programs
– Support for cube maps (R200 only for now. R300/R400/R500 will have a cube map
support added in the next update)
– Work has been done towards making TinyGL OpenGL 2.1 compliant
– A much-improved SDK, making it easier for developers to create and port
OpenGL applications on MorphOS
– Many bugs in both TinyGL and the drivers have been fixed

This TinyGL update covers the R200, R300, R400, and R500 families of Radeon chips. Some features are currently only available for some Radeon models. The readme covers all supported cards. Read it.

Get the updated TinyGL driver here