Amiga 600 Love and Dedication

With our focus on Amiga 600 this month, I decided to make a Live Stream about how to switch Kickstart 2.0 to Kickstart 3.1 on our Amiga 600 at Distrita office. But thats not all. This broadcast also includs The Last Star Fighter game demo from Amiten Software (Amiten TV),Continue Reading

Caveman AMOS game in development

You can read our interview with Gilbert Tan from Philippines. Now he sent us an announcement of a new game Cavemoon, which is under development both for AmigaOS and AROS etc. Cavemoon is a game where you pilot a lunar module on its way to the moon for your teamContinue Reading

Last year, the Amiga saw so many new game titles! And one of them was Blocky Skies (free game for Amiga on Aminet) that I actually love to play at our Amiga 1200 at Distrita office. Now, the same team have released teasers with the title Climby Skies. Fluid platformerContinue Reading