The first news in 2024 goes to AmigaOS 4! NetSurf, which is a great browser from the world of Acorn and RiscOS has now reached version 3.11 and is now fully available for Download!

Get the AmigaOS 4 version here:

Improved CSS Support in NetSurf 3.11

Finally, the CSS part of NetSurf is getting a much-needed improvement. This also includes support for the “display:flex” property value, which improves the layout of certain web pages online.

Also, if you don’t want CSS to be active, you have now the choice to disable it.

Changelog for all NetSurf 3.11 Versions

* HTML: Fixed failure to reflow SVGs if fetched and ready before layout. * HTML: Support for `display: flex` layout. * HTML: Improved minimum/maximum sizes in box layout. * HTML: Improved handling of percentages. * HTML: Minor cleaning up of layout code. * HTML: Use new LibCSS API for unit conversion. * HTML: Improved ordered list handling. * CSS: Updated selection callbacks to latest LibDOM API. * Options: Added core option to disable CSS. * Options: Added core option to prefer dark mode. * Options: Improved user choices file processing. * Bitmap: Opaque testing now implemented in core. * Bitmap: Added core support for premultiplied-alpha. * Bitmap: Format logged on startup. * Bitmap: Added support for pixel colour component order configuration. * Bitmap: Added colour component order conversion functions. * Bitmap: Generally more optimal on all platforms for all image formats. * Image: JPEGXL image handler. * Image: Compatibility with latest rSVG version. * Image: Improved handling for broken GIF images. * Image: Updated to new LibNSGIF API. * Image: Updated all image format handlers to use new core bitmap capabilities. * Fetch: Updated to new libcurl API. * Fetch: Disabled TLS1.0 and TLS1.1. * Fetch: Improved handling of bad SSL connections. * Fetch: Change to libcurl to optimise HTTPS connections (upstreamed). * Local history: More robust rendering. * Resources: Updated certificate bundle. * JavaScript: Minor updates to DOM bindings. * JavaScript: Updated to Duktape 2.7.0 release. * JavaScript: Console: Don’t log through closed window. * Utility: Cleaned up UTF8 handling. * Utility: Improved recursive directory removal. * Utility: Add support for xx_YY format language codes. * CI: Various improvements to build automation and testing. * General: Various warning fixes. * General: Aligned UserAgent with compatibility spec. * Documentation: Updated URLs to https. * Documentation: Added front-end development guide. * Text areas: Clear selection on word left/right. * Buildsystem: Fixed handling of removed header files. * Disc cache: Minor fixes. * Debug: Added generated charts to image cache stats page. * Debug: Added descendant bounding boxes to HTML box tree dumps. * Built in: Cleaned up generated `about:` pages.

Great to see browser choices for AmigaOS 4 getting improved. NetSurf 3.11 is a bright release at the end of 2023.