Apple is known for ignoring its own green policy. But thanks to MorphOS, you can use PowerBook G4s and PowerMac G5s still without the need to throw them out. Now, Apple stops all iPod production after 20 years. This means that this amazing music device is as with almost anything that Apple makes, obsolete.

Paula on the other hand is getting new applications such as EaglePlayer and AmigaAMP. Improved 14-bit sound for Classic Amiga owners and the list can just go on and on. But Apple is again just throwing out the support. It is sad.

Streaming is Everything?

I love iPod as much as I love Paula. To own the music you buy is important for me. I’ve never got any streaming subscription for listening to music. Then it is better for me to listen to that music on the radio. If I hear music that I love, I buy it and then convert it to MP3 for my own usage.

When you stream you don’t own anything. You pay for the streaming service only. Once the service is gone, all of the music is gone too. I want to keep the music that I love on my shelf because I bought it because of my love for the group or song.

You can also Order Paula Powered if you want to support this unique Amiga band. Paula is the most unique sound chip that is still loved.