Plipbox Deluxe for the Amiga Parallel Port

Vampire users that have issues with Plipbox Ethernet adapters and Gold 2.7 EXE (Flash directly from AmigaOS) should follow this guide which a very kind fellow at the #apollo-team channel on Freenode finally made Plipbox WORK. No more Flashing down! With this solution your Plipbox works as it should! If you wonder about what Plipbox is, then you can read our review of Plipbox Deluxe which is the bug testing unit used for my issues that I had with Gold 2.7 EXE version. I hope that more Plipbox users fixes their Internet connection issues with this guide.

You need to follow this guide Regarding Plipbox and Gold 2.7 EXE (Flash directly from AmigaOS)

1. goto prefs/env-archive

2. make SANA2 drawer there (makedir SANA2)

3a) use the AmigaOS editor like ed (type ed s:user-startup or any other file or the editor won’t load). Remove all of the lines, write NOBURST and then choose SAVE AS, goto prefs/SANA2 and save it as plipbox.config there


3b) use a  3rd party editor like CygnusED 5 or other editor installed. Open it, write NOBURST and save the file in prefs/SANA2 as plipbox.config

4. Reboot and Plipbox is working again with Gold 2.7 EXE X11 Version

Apollo 68080 Hotfix for Plipbox Users with Ethernet connection Issues

Hope this helps. And I thank Claude for guiding me into getting Ethernet working thru Plipbox on Amiga 500. The Plipbox is a parallel device that allows Ethernet connection for the Amiga 500. There are also other solutions like SDNET for the Vampire. But, this solution is only for Plipbox owners that can experience that the Ethernet device doesn’t work after flashing from AmigaOS to Gold 2.7.

Amitopia will update this Vampire 68080 Corner as fast as we can when we get good tips regarding anything with Vampire 68080 accelerators for classic Amiga hardware.


#Apollo-Team on Freenode