Back in 1991, the Amiga computer was just 6 years old. Yet, the Amiga demoscene was growing more and more. Amiga was the first computer that could show up to 4096 colors with crystal clear Paula-made sound. Amiga users took advantage of all the features that the computer had.

March 1991 was the birth of the Enigma tune

No one in 1991 would think that this song would become one of the most iconic ones ever made on the Amiga by far. The song ranked 1st at Anarchy Easter Party in Sweden.

The Anarchy Easter Party 1991 where the Enigma hit was born was held at Oppeby-Skolan in Nyköping (Motala), Sweden for the Amiga scene.

About 500 people attended the party, and one of them even fired firecrackers inside the hall. The local fire department and the police came. They told the organizers that the party would be ended unless the guilty one came forward. The one that did it, revealed himself and the party went on.

Enigma group Phenomena won over 500 Euros

First place entry in the demo competition won 6000 SEK which is about 503 euros today. That place went to the demoscene production that this song comes from.

Enigma Tune is one of the most interesting and most powerful songs ever made on a computer in 1991. It is a synthesizer-masterpiece-type-of-tune! This is the most loved song by Amiga users today… and I want to share this with the world so even more know about this masterpiece.

This tune was made in a time without GHz CPUs! It was made on Amiga at a time when Amiga was very popular in Europe and South America.

Get the MOD and the Demoscene Production Here